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The King’s Hunt


In a land plagued by wolves there rules a king with a twisted curse…

A king bears a horrible curse that torments all of his lands and subjects. The people cry out for salvation from the ravenous wolves that stalk the towns and countryside, wolves the king has forbidden anyone from harming under penalty of death. Can you unravel the mystery surrounding the cursed lands of Blackheart and their tormented king or be trapped there forever?

The King’s Hunt is a gripping and unique adventure of intrigue and violence for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition in the style of Ravenloft. This adventure is suitable for characters of levels 2 to 5 and can be played in six to eight hours or expanded into an entire campaign setting for endless fun.

This adventure is designed for ease of use for the DM with minimal prep time required while extensive optional background information and adventure options allow it to be expanded into a full campaign setting.

This 40-page pdf includes original full-color art, maps, and pages of printable stand-up creature and character tokens of all monsters and NPCs appearing in this adventure for use on your own battle maps.