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Now Live: a major update to the Eternal Rule D20 Fantasy rulebook!


The Eternal Rule D20 Fantasy playtest rulebook has a major update!

The entire rulebook has had a huge editorial update. Every page of the rulebook has seen changes, so documenting every specific update would be too much for you to care to read, but for a brief rundown, here’s what to expect in the updated rulebook:

  • Inconsistencies in game terms, especially references to Skills that had previously been omitted have been cleaned up.
  • Each Lineage, Heritage, and Occupation have been reworked to be more balanced and engaging. Most notably, the Warrior has a large amount of new and exciting options.
  • A new Occupation has been included. The Mystic Occupation has had some of its Powers split into the Martial Artist Occupation, and both have been expanded on.
  • The entire layout has been reworked for a more intuitive flow of content. Some chapters have been condensed, while others expanded on, and example text and images have been added throughout to help with ease of comprehension.
  • Placeholder panels for upcoming artwork have been added.

I hope you’ll take a look and see that these changes have greatly improved the quality of this game. Let me know your thoughts by filling out this short survey! Thanks!