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Eternal Rule D20 Fantasy Playtest Rulebook


A collaborative storytelling game that’s anything you want it to be…

The Eternal Rule D20 Fantasy Rulebook contains everything you need to begin playing games of adventure and excitement in the shared imaginations of you and your friends, whether it be as an intrepid Player Character delving into long-forgotten dungeons, defeating villains, and solving mysteries, or as the Games Master who invents and supplies those dungeons, villains, and mysteries from published adventures or your imagination.

Why another D20 fantasy game?

The Eternal Rule D20 Fantasy system is being developed with feedback from the gaming community at large. The goal of this game’s design is to allow players to create collaborative stories featuring any type of character they can imagine, free from restrictions and rigid character progression tracks. Want to play a Buff wizard? Yup. Werewolf Sherlock Holmes? Easy. Diplomatic mercenary? Say no more. We aim to provide all of these things with a fun and manageable rules system that can handle any situation your characters find themselves in without being burdensome to deal with. In fact, we’re striving to make it a simpler system than the majority of those already out there without sacrificing depth of play and breadth of options.

You can help shape the game by providing feedback using the links provided in this playtest rulebook. Supporting our Patreon will ensure you always have the latest monthly updates and expansions to this rulebook, as well as the adventures and supplements that are forthcoming.