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Coming Soon: Playtest Rules for Eternal Rule D20 Fantasy


Today we are excited to announce that playtest rules for Eternal Rule D20 Fantasy will soon be available! Eternal Rule D20 Fantasy (ERD20, for short) is a complete, standalone ruleset for creating and playing your own fantasy adventures with friends. While the rules are nearly complete, their development will be ongoing with feedback from you, the players, to ensure that the final content of the Eternal Rule D20 Fantasy Rulebook will be the most simple, clear, enjoyable, and approachable rulebook for tabletop fantasy roleplaying that it can possibly be. The playtest rules will soon be available to you and your friends as a free pdf download.

What is Eternal Rule D20 Fantasy?

Eternal Rule D20 Fantasy is a tabletop roleplaying game that makes creating and playing in your own fantasy worlds simple, intuitive, and immensely fun. The rules are designed to be approachable to new players while offering the depth of content and options that will keep players engaged for endless gaming sessions.

What you didn’t know you were missing

While Eternal Rule D20 Fantasy is its own unique rules framework it draws upon the foundation laid down by classic roleplaying games of yesteryear. ERD20 will feel familiar to veteran players of d20 fantasy games even as it takes the genre in new directions, introducing brand new concepts and streamlining others. The entire ruleset is designed with the aim of ease and elegance and to allow a deep and satisfying gaming experience that doesn’t burden the players with complexity.

Unrestrictive Character Creation

ERD20 offers players the freedom to express their creativity by creating any sort of character they can imagine. Unlike many roleplaying games which needlessly restrict your character’s development with narrow paths, ERD20 allows characters to be built in whatever way their player wishes. Want to play a buff wizard? Why not? A fighter with a glass jaw and a fear of dark places? Of course. How about a bounty hunter with incredible investigative skills and severe social anxiety? Sounds fun!

Characters are created by choosing a Lineage to determine their physical makeup, a Heritage for their upbringing and background, and a Vocation that represents their current role in (or outside of) society. This system allows huge amounts of variety. While Lineages, Heritages, and Vocations make the acquisition of certain skills, talents, and powers easier than others, they do not restrict players from creative character development.

For Roleplayers of all kinds

Eternal Rule D20 Fantasy places equal emphasis on both physical and social conflict, allowing for adventures of all genres, whether it be drama, crime, horror, action, or anything else you and your friends can dream up. ERD20 has simple and intuitive rules for managing a character’s physical as well as mental health. Not only are robust rules for armed combat presented, but so too are rules for social conflicts as well. Whether your group enjoys combat-lite stories emphasizing role-playing and player interaction, or action-heavy dungeon-delves full of dangerous creatures, ERD20 is the perfect choice.

Simple to learn, endless depth of play

Best of all, all action in ERD20 is handled using a simple rules framework, eliminating the need to remember myriad and byzantine rules to resolve the specific situation characters find themselves in. Any situation imaginable can be handled easily and with a minimum of fuss and page-flipping using the rules provided by ERD20. The Quick-play guide will allow you to jump right into the action without having to read the entire rulebook, while the expanded rules can be delved into according to the needs of your playgroup.

A beginning player can use one of our pre-generated characters to begin playing right away or create a unique character of their own in just a few minutes with the help of quick-play recommendations. Veteran gamers will enjoy the near-infinite character customization options available to them without the burden of having to have an encyclopedic knowledge of a complex ruleset.

Want to play?

More information about how you can get your hands on a playtest rulebook will be coming soon. To be notified when the rulebook is available, subscribe to our newsletter. In the coming weeks, you will also be treated to developer diaries with sneak peeks into what makes Eternal Rule D20 Fantasy such a unique, fun, and approachable ruleset. We can’t wait to show you!